This is the transcript for the film, Food Chain Climbers: Masked Mutants​.


| PG-13 | Parents Strongly Cautioned (MPAA) |


| Bloody Violence Involving Mutants, Brief Use of Language Including Censorship and Flashing Images |





​Chapter 1: Rise of the Instant Fish EatersEdit

​Chapter 23: A Failed Attempt to Destroy the Mutant SpawnerEdit

​(Ratcatcher, Tallstar, Wilber, Daffodil, Laura and Courtney are in a storage room. They walk to a mutant spawner on a platform. Firestar, Alex, Leah, Chester Cheetah and Odie appear on the screen above it.)

Firestar: ​Greetings, Fish Eaters. We have a mission for you.

Ratcatcher: ​What's that?

Firestar: ​Your job is to destroy the mutant spawner in front of you. Now there should be some masks covered in spider webs.

Ratcatcher: ​Okay.

Firestar: ​Okay, so now we want you six to cut the red and orange wire.

Tallstar: ​Which one? There's two of those.

​Alex: ​No. One's red with an orange stripe, and the other one's orange with red stripes.

​Tallstar: ​Yeah, and both are identical.

Alex: ​NO, they're not!

Wilber: ​Uh, Alex. They're...they're REALLY similar.

Alex: ​(sighs) One's a teeny bit red, Wilber.

Wilber: ​Which one?

​Daffodil: ​(points to a wire off screen) I guess that one? Maybe?

​Wilber: ​So wait, which one do we cut?

Leah: ​The teeny bit--(screen fizzes)--red one!

Wilber: ​OKAY!

Leah: ​"Okay"? Wait! Stop!

Daffodil: ​What?!

Leah: ​You said the two letters on the masks were "Crash Bandicoot"!

Wilber: ​Who?

​Daffodil: ​What?

Chester Cheetah: ​Okay! "Crash Bandicoot"!

Ratcatcher: ​No! Okay like "Okay, now I'm gonna tell you what the words are."

​Chester Cheetah: ​Yeah, and then you didn't!

Tallstar: ​I thought we skipped that part!

Chester Cheetah: ​Skip the step in making more mutants spawn.

Courtney: ​Yeah, which we thought was pretty unresponsive on your part!

Laura: ​Why do you always do this?!

Courtney: ​Why do you always not shut up?! ​

(Odie turns a button to the left, making the screen fizz along with a high-pitched sound)

Ratcatcher, Tallstar, Wilber, Daffodil, Laura and Courtney: Ow!

Courtney: ​Stop!

​Odie: ​On the radio, when we answer to an important task, we say "roger".

​Laura: ​Oh. Roger.

Odie: ​Now--

Laura: ​Sorry.

​Odie: ​--in between the spider webs--

Laura: ​Odie--

Odie: ​--what are the two letters on the two masks?

Ratcatcher: ​(she, and the other Instant Fish Eaters look somewhere on the platform for a few seconds) You ready?

​Firestar: ​Ratcatcher!

Tallstar: ​Damn it, Ratcatcher!

Ratcatcher: ​First letter is D.

Alex: ​Bravo!

​Tallstar: ​Thanks. Second letter is--

​Leah: ​E as in "extra", or P--

Wilber: ​As in "power". Sheesh, this is hard.

Leah: ​What?

​Daffodil: ​Wilber...

Leah: ​What was hard again?

Wilber: ​Nothing.

Chester Cheetah: ​Mmm-hmm.

Laura: ​Chester Cheetah?

Chester Cheetah: ​So--

​Courtney: ​You can tell the cheetah.

Chester Cheetah: ​Oh my god!

Laura: ​Chester Cheetah, can I punch her?

​Chester Cheetah: ​In about twelve seconds, Laura.

​Courtney: ​Laura, be careful! Holy fishsticks, the knuckles!

​Chester Cheetah: ​Right after Tallstar cuts the solid purple wire.

​Tallstar: ​The purple color of solid or--

​Firestar (off screen): ​Roger!

​Tallstar: ​Oh, roger! Cutting the purple wire. (begins to cut the purple wire with pliers)

Alex (off screen): ​TALLSTAR!

Tallstar: ​(he and everyone else is frightened) Oh my god! What?!

Alex: ​That's how annoying you are.

​Tallstar: ​Your mom's annoying!

Alex: ​Oh, yeah.

​Tallstar: ​How bout that?

Alex: ​Let's go there.

Ratcatcher: ​Let's go here, where Tallstar--shut up and cut the goddamn wire already!

​Tallstar: ​You shut up and I'm doing it! (cuts the purple wire) Sheesh.

​(The mutant spawner grows)

Wilber: ​Uh oh. Guys!

Leah (off screen): ​What's going on?

​Daffodil: ​The mutant spawner just grew bigger.

​Chester Cheetah: ​Did you cut the purple one?

Ratcatcher: ​Yes, roger! Cheeto, whoever!

​Tallstar: ​Uh, Chester Cheetah?

Chester Cheetah: ​What were the last two letters?!

​Laura: ​D as in "dimensional".

Wilber: ​What do we do here?

​Courtney: ​And T as in "tower".

​Firestar, Alex, Leah, Chester Cheetah and Odie: ​WHAT?!

Daffodil: ​(clears throat) T as in what?!

​Courtney: ​"Tower". What'd you think I said?

​Odie: ​"Power"!

Courtney: ​Oh.

Odie: ​You idiot!

Courtney: ​Yeah. I feel there's a mutant snake in my boot, so can someone get it out? (she gets punched off screen) OWW!

Laura: ​That's for torture, dumbass!

Firestar: ​We're signing out. See you outside!

​(The screen turns off)

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