This is the transcript for the film, Food Chain Climbers: Ocean of the Evil Awakening.


| PG-13 | Parents Strongly Cautioned (MPAA) |


| Bloody Violence Involving Symbiotes, Brief Use of Language, Flashing Images and Some Sexual Material |





​Chapter 1: Bethany Beach's Symbiote RampageEdit

​Chapter 23: Symbiote ShowdownEdit

​(The Fish Eaters walk closer to the Symbiotes.)

Large Symbiote: ​I think I've had enough of this madness, so I think we need to put an end to this. Other then that, I think it's time for a showdown, against you and your friends, Bethany Beach! (laughs evilly)

Bethany Beach: ​Oh, I don't think so.

Dewey Beach: ​What should we do, Bethany?

Bethany Beach: ​Dewey, this symbiote wants to have a showdown with us, so we gotta accept the favor.

Large Symbiote: ​There's nothing you can do. You're about to get squashed!

Bethany Beach: ​You sound like my doctor!

​(Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes the ground, making the Fish Eaters scream.)

Large Symbiote: ​Ah, you're scared of lightning. So, anyway, start running, idiots!

Clancatcher: ​(she and the other Fish Eaters start running through the island) Well, not only were we unwanted visitors, his minions were getting us killed!

​Kate: ​Clancatcher, he's about to summon his Dark Spikes of Doom!

​Clancatcher: ​He looks pretty tough. (the large symbiote launches her into the air with one of his spikes and laughs evilly) I always get to take flight backwards! (she is launched into the air again) D'oh! Guys, you can wait for me! (screams as she falls to the ground) You guys haven't seen the large symbiote's minions, have ya? (turns to see a bunch of tendriled symbiotes and screams as she and the other Fish Eaters turn around) You creeps look scary! You're black and gooey and you make the darkness rise! (thunderbolts strike the trees around them)

Katie: ​(she and the other Fish Eaters are launched into the air by the ground's explosion) Damn those symbiotes!

(The Fish Eaters scream as they are spread throughout the island.)

​Tendriled Symbiote: ​Welcome to your magical death in my boss's mouth! (launches Pumpkinslinger and Liverslinger into the air with his arms)

Symbiote Grunt: You are gonna die! (laughs)

​Pumpkinslinger: ​Up, up and away we go! ​(she and Liverslinger land on another section of the island) I think we lost everyone. So, now what?

Liverslinger: ​We need to meet together somewhere.

Large Symbiote: ​(emerges from the ground) Well, hello there, bowslingers! (roars at Pumpkinslinger and Liverslinger and they scream; two symbiote spawns come out of his body)

​Symbiote Spawn 1: ​You girls look nice.

Symbiote Spawn 2: ​Yeah.

Large Symbiote: ​You two shut the hell up! (stomps on the two symbiote spawns and they splatter) Don't listen to them. (launches the girls in the air with two spikes; the girls scream; a lightning bolt strikes Pumpkinslinger and another one strikes Liverslinger)

​(Kate, Lizzy and Katie and Clancatcher are walking through another section of the island.)

Kate: ​Peace and quiet as last.

Clancatcher:​ The large symbiote knows where we are.

Kate: ​You never know what's gonna happen.

​Large Symbiote: ​(rises from the ground in front of the girls) Now, I want to honest with you, girls. Two of my minions were being nice to two of your teammates, which I hated the most.

Katie: ​Look, a pile of dynamites!

Lizzy: ​Katie, grab them before we get killed!

Katie: ​I don't know if I can pick them all up. (picks up the dynamites and throws them at some trees) Oops.

​Swarming Symbiote: ​Missed me, dumbass!

​(The large symbiote lifts them up with the force.)

​Katie:​ I meant to throw them at your boss!

​(The large symbiote throws the girls to another section of the island, where they meet the other Fish Eaters and teleports to them.)

Large Symbiote: ​You try to escape my minions, I'll eat you all! Literally!

Elmo: ​You and your minions look like medium-sized tar pimples! (laughs)

Large Symbiote: ​Really?!

Matt: ​We'll see if we can find a way out of this section.

Ashlynn: ​The problem is this place is like a forest. (she is launched into the air) Whoa!

​Moonbeam, Rico, Kate, Lizzy, Katie, Ledgeclimber, Bethany Beach, Hailey, Mallory, Pumpkinslinger, Matt, Elmo, Liverslinger, Dewey Beach and Clancatcher: ​ASHLYNN!!!!!!

​Ashlynn: ​Matt, lead the Fish Eaters a way out of here!

Matt: ​What?

​Ashlynn: ​(screams as she falls to the ground) D'oh! (catches up to the other Fish Eaters) I mean, all​ of us! (she and other Fish Eaters scream as they are launched into the air)

​(The Fish Eaters land into the Torture Chamber while the large symbiote teleports in.)

Large Symbiote: ​Now, for the most violent torture game of all time. (the Fish Eaters scream as he summons in a bunch of his minions)

​(The Torture Chamber falls to pieces. The large symbiote laughs evilly.)

​Moonbeam: ​I don't like the sound of this.

​Dewey Beach: ​This is the worst symbiote battle I've ever done!

Liverslinger: ​Well, this is more of a showdown kind of battle, Dewey Beach.

Large Symbiote: ​You heard her, asshole!

Rico: ​(a bunch of Swarming and Symbiote Spawns come closer to the Fish Eaters) Do not fear. A parrot is here. (sucks all the symbiotes into his mouth) Delicious.

​Large Symbiote: ​I'll summon in more of my minions, if you continue to run away!

Moonbeam: ​Says you, dipass!

​(The large symbiote and the Fish Eaters teleport to another section of the island.)

​Normal Symbiote: ​Some of you idiots will get your asses bitten!

Bethany Beach: ​I'm not gonna let that happen.

Hailey: ​Bethany's right, you gooey bitch!

Mallory: ​Everyone! Spread out or work together!

Moonbeam: ​Aye, matey!

​Clancatcher: ​I'm on it, ma'am!

Rico: ​Work together. (charges towards a normal symbiote) RAAAAAH! (the symbiote splatters)

Ledgeclimber: ​(sees a tendriled symbiote strangling Moonbeam) Get away from my brother!

Moonbeam: ​(frees himself from the symbiote) You almost broke my neck!

Hailey: ​(Bethany Beach loads a shotgun) Bethany Beach, shoot the goddamn symbiote!

Bethany Beach: ​I'm ready when Mallory is.

Mallory: ​Wait for the spot...and fire!

​(Bethany Beach fires the shotgun, which hits the symbiote. It melts into it's goo.)

Bethany Beach: B​ullseye! (reloads the shotgun and super jumps with Hailey and Mallory; they leave trails of fire on the ground and she shoots a normal symbiote) Whoa! (they land on the ground)

​Mallory: ​Son of a whore. (all the trees on the island explode) D'OH!!!!!!

​Symbiote Spawn: ​This is your last chance to live, before you decompose into goo!

​(The Fish Eaters scream as they are launched far into the sky.)

Kate: ​This place is nothing but a junkyard full of goo!

Matt: ​The trees will grow back sometime!

Ashlynn: ​Hopefully soon.

Bethany Beach: ​We're gonna bite the large symbiote's shiny metal ass! Ready? INCOMING! (she and the other Fish Eaters scream as they fall to the ground but they are launched into the air again)

​Large Symbiote: ​Those whores are gonna pay for killing my minions. (looks up into the sky) What the hell--?

(The large symbiote is struck by a lightning bolt and he melts into goo. The Fish Eaters scream as they hit the ground.)

Moonbeam: ​A horrible nightmare! Thank god that son of a bitch has been defeated. (he screams as a comet strikes the remains of the large symbiote and they light on fire) Great work, team!

​(The trees grow back.)