Future Foundation 2014 Fan Film "FORMING THE FOUNDATION"09:44

Future Foundation 2014 Fan Film "FORMING THE FOUNDATION"

Forming The Foundation Tiles

Screenshots from Forming the Foundation Fan Film

Forming the Foundation is a not-for-profit fan film made for fun based on the Future Foundation. It deviates from the MARVEL Comic book, however as it incorporates the Lizard and Electro into the story, as well as a custom-created character, Lucas Bridgeburner. Bridgeburner is based on a real person, who, ironically is seemingly a villain pulled out from a movie in the first place. 

The movie was made because there may NEVER be a Future Foundation movie made, as SONY owns the rights to Spider-Man films and FOX owns the rights to the Fantastic Four characters.

Characters and PlotEdit

  • Lucas Bridgeburner
  • Electro
  • Lizard/Dr. Connors
  • Spider-Man
  • Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
  • The Thing/Ben Grimm

8 years ago, Lucas Bridgeburner waits outside to get revenge on someone by harming their cat. He realizes he forgot the weapon at his apartment and goes to retrieve it. When he sees his roommate asleep on the couch, he attempts to test this 'weapon' on his roommate to see if there are any effects on humans. (He dislikes his roommate just because his roommate, Max had offered him Chili, and for some odd reason Lucas despises chili.)

Lucas thinks the device didn't work since he doesn't see any immediate response.

In the present day, The Lizard is rampaging once again after 3 years without an incident. Spider-Man appears and after a brief scuffle, subdues him before quickly leaving for his important meeting with Dr. Reed Richards at the Baxter Building.  

Meanwhile, Lucas is surprised when his old roommate, Max pays him a visit. Max, now known as Electro, demands more power. Lucas tells Electro he can get more power by absorbing power from the Baxter Building.

The Thing stumbles onto Electro absorbing power, but it is too late. The Thing is sent through a wall into the next room, instantly knocked out from the sheer impact of raw power. Electro quickly takes out Reed Richards, and intends to kill both Reed and The Thing, but is surprised by Spider-Man. After it takes a combined effort to defeat an overpowered, otherwise simple Electro, Reed Richards continues on where he left off: Welcoming Spider-Man aboard the Future Foundation.

There is also an after-credits scene of Electro speaking to another villain (offscreen).

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