The Gas Bomb Hold Up is Climperoonie's first series of proper films.


The Gas Bomb Hold UpEdit

The first film was a relatively simple little film consisting of Thief attempting to rob Hero's house using a Gas Bomb. Needless to say, Thief loses.

The Gas Bomb Hold Up IIEdit

The second film is done more proffesionally, with camera angles and a script. Unfortunately, it was still short. Thief is ressurected and tries to kill Hero again.

The Gas Bomb Hold Up IIIEdit

Without a doubt the best one in the series. Hero chases Thief which leads to an all out fight on the sea front.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The first film was originally only made for a bit of fun, but due to popularity from school friends, Henry B. (AKA Climperoonie) and Ben K. made a second, better, one. There was originally an ending where Hero shoots Thief with both guns, but when Henry decided to make III, he cut that ending and left it a cliffhanger. III was filmed in two hours and Henry added something that was missing from the other films; Incidental music, and it was the best one they made.


  • [1] The Gas Bomb Hold up
  • [2] The Gas Bomb Hold up II
  • [3] The Gas Bomb Hold up III.

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